Creating benches again!

Another meeting with Filia and no worries about bad weather because we were drawing new scetches for benches which could make other place look more beautiful.

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EVS in the radio!

Great chance to spend some time abroad in a local radio and broadcasting!

Projection from 8D travelers: Honduras + Egypt

25th october 2012 at 6 p.m. – red room – Adam, Richard, Alexandr + food + photos + inetersting story-telling. You are welcome!

News after summer holiday

Summer is almost gone but there are new actions approaching…

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Association FILIA

logo_ciste_cz10Within supplemental programmes for youngsters fron the association FILIA, there is a long-term cooperation with 8D o.s. . Clients of the association, accompanied by heir assistants, attend regularly creative and sport programmesprepared b ythe workers of Centre 8D.



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