Volunteering is a phenomenon

Centre 8D started on the broad  basis of volunteering as well as on the basis of  scout experiences from educational courses of Rozrazil centre.  The volunteering activity  still greatly contributes to Centre 8D functioning. Volunteers from the whole Czech Republic and foreign countries cooperate on the preparation and  realization of differrent programmes and other projects of benefit to the public. We honour people who have decided to devote their own time to volunteering work and help to support the aims of 8D. It is only thanks to the courage and enthusiasm of many volunteers that Center 8D can succesfully fulfill its role and expand its activity.

Youth in action

Volunteering in 8D is thanks to the Youth in action – European voluntary service accessible to people from 56 countries in the world. We accept volunteers from abroad, we send volunteers abroad to projects and institutions. Discussion on Volunteering with volunteers from Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania and France is available here To all our volunteers who have helped us or are still helping belongs our many thanks!

I wish to be Centre 8D volunteer

I wish to be a volunteer in one of the EVS countries of the world

8D volunteers

Experience of 8D volunteers

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EVS in the radio!

Great chance to spend some time abroad in a local radio and broadcasting!

Projection from 8D travelers: Honduras + Egypt

25th october 2012 at 6 p.m. – red room – Adam, Richard, Alexandr + food + photos + inetersting story-telling. You are welcome!

News after summer holiday

Summer is almost gone but there are new actions approaching…

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TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s.


We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Centre 8D. The offer for activities for our clients is attractive and approach of Centre 8D workers is always very accomodating.



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