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The main idea of  8D is based on tolerancy, new experience, and the will to change itsef as well as to serve others.

4 pillars of 8D:

Tolerance – Experience – Self-change – Service to the whole


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Our philosophy and targets
8D Targets

The main idea of  8D is based on tolerancy, new experience, and the will to change itsef as well as to serve others. 8D was founded according to many years of  working experience with the youth (including educative, educational and  sport programmes). We follow the principles and methods of the world known scauts movements. In a long distant projects we are trying to help disabled children from the whole Czech republic.
To support young people in their active approach to their own life
The main aim of 8D is to support  balanced development  of childrens´ and young peoples´ personalities their moral, spiritual, intelectual, social and physical abilities so they are able to fulfill their life tasks responsibly, not only towards themselves but towards others, their nation, natura and the whole mens´ world. We follow the principles of the world‘s Scouts movement.
We offer the possibility of  self-realization in non-traditional forms in original projects with the aim of helping together where it is highly needed. We offer young people the human and technical support for the realization of their own projects. We support the development of active citizens society.
Creation of programmes focusing on physical activity, creative abilities and education
We organize and coordinate regular programmes for children and young people, educational programmes, various seminars, creative and sport activities. We work on programmes for clients with special needs, child’s homes, people with other disadvantages, etc..
We create programmes with posibilities to learn more about itself, own change and to serve others.We help getting the knowledge of  manual skils and qualification. We create a long term projects for children and young people based on the development of  the key competencies which should help them to live their own independant lives.
Integration of disadvantaged groups or individuals to 8D project

We show young people the tolerancy and empathy. Children from various communities, child‘s homes or refugee camps are parts of 8D programmes.
We help disadvantaged people to create their own working habits.There are new working possibilities for handicaped people.We have realizated in last five years programmes of community education in the context of specific problems of Brno City and South Moravian commun.We help improving the better living conditions for children with health or social problems, integration in society and we support the development of social feeling.

Functioning of 8D

We are still working on a wider range of special offers useful for others.We are working on the appropriate backround for the development of non-profit activities. We are providing more specialized lectures, creating more programmes and voluntary projects for more people.

EVS in the radio!

Great chance to spend some time abroad in a local radio and broadcasting!

Projection from 8D travelers: Honduras + Egypt

25th october 2012 at 6 p.m. – red room – Adam, Richard, Alexandr + food + photos + inetersting story-telling. You are welcome!

News after summer holiday

Summer is almost gone but there are new actions approaching…

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We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Centre 8D. The offer for activities for our clients is attractive and approach of Centre 8D workers is always very accomodating.



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