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Hosted EVS Volunteers

Since 2007, when Centre 8D gained accreditation as hosting and sending organization, we hosted several volunteers not only from Europe who participated in European voluntary service . r. 2007-2008: Petra Skodova (Slovakia) r. 2008-2009: Alessandra Sessa (Italy), Miroslav Balkovic (Slovakia) and Natasa Milovanovic (Serbia) r. 2009-2010: Anthony de Villepré (France) and Serkay Tezcan (Turkey) r. 2009-2010: Lourdes Pallares Pascual (Spain), Larissa Bochmann (Germany) and Senka Kojic (Serbia).  Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Our volunteers experience

Here are some remarks made by EVS volunteers spending some time in our organisation:


That was great experience with all pieces of EVS.First times I had some problems but We could get over it with
communication between me , my H.O and S.O . And Finaly I can say I satisfied with the tasks and activities.
I gained a lot of technical skills during my EVS.I am sure  all these things that I learned here , it will be very
useful for my daily life.Because I tried many things about daily task here that I have never tried before.Also It
was great experience for meeting people from different nations.I realized many difference and similarity between
us. This is huge knowledge now.Before everything I have some people that I can easily say friends.This is biggest
acquisition for me.For sure I recommend EVS to young people for sharing this huge experience.

I have now a different view on my own country, our good sides, our bad sides, what patriotism means, in how far I
identify myself with my country. Also I gained a new opinion about Europe. How close all the nations are actually
together, how much more we have in common than everybody thinks.
Then in the end it is about to look for the similiarities and things we share, not what divides us.

My EVS not only that met my basic expectations, it went even further. I was pleasently surprised with overall
impression i took from my EVS. Tasks and activities carried during my EVS were not only amusing, they were very
useful. I think that many people could gain a lot in many ways from projects like this one was, so i hope in future
there will be more of such actions, and i sincerely hope they would be more popularized. Generally, i believe it is
waste for every young person not to go through this kind of project.

It is great opportunity to get a lot of experience, to get to know people from
other cultures, learn more about their culutres, learn some new languages,travelling in all Europe, this is
very important for people, who are not coming from European Union. To get new skills, which is
possible use in the future. Life is unpredictiable, people are not aware of a lot of possibilities which
might change their lives

I´m satisified with the activities carried out during my projects  and for some aspects my expectations were
It was very interesting working and living with people from other country and it was interesting for me to see how
different people can be able to cooperate for the same aim.

EVS in the radio!

Great chance to spend some time abroad in a local radio and broadcasting!

Projection from 8D travelers: Honduras + Egypt

25th october 2012 at 6 p.m. – red room – Adam, Richard, Alexandr + food + photos + inetersting story-telling. You are welcome!

News after summer holiday

Summer is almost gone but there are new actions approaching…

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logo_ciste_cz10Within supplemental programmes for youngsters fron the association FILIA, there is a long-term cooperation with 8D o.s. . Clients of the association, accompanied by heir assistants, attend regularly creative and sport programmesprepared b ythe workers of Centre 8D.



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