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Go abroad with us!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested to spend a couple of months abroad and live in another culter, meet new people and have a lot of fun, contact us.

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Lecture on building medicine

You are welcome to participate in lecture on Building medicine, which will take place on Wednesday 24th November 2010 at 6 p.m. in the red hall in Centre 8D at Kravi hora.

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Lecture on Electrosmog

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Meeting of NGOs

12th October will be the day when various NGOs in Brno Číst dále »

Volunteer 8D

Volunteering is a phenomenon

Centre 8D started on the broad  basis of volunteering as well as on the basis of  scout experiences from educational courses of Rozrazil centre.  The volunteering activity  still greatly contributes to Centre 8D functioning. Volunteers from the whole Czech Republic and foreign countries cooperate on the preparation and  realization of differrent programmes and other projects of benefit to the public. We honour people who have decided to devote their own time to volunteering work and help to support the aims of 8D. It is only thanks to the courage and enthusiasm of many volunteers that Center 8D can succesfully fulfill its role and expand its activity.

Youth in action

Volunteering in 8D is thanks to the Youth in action – European voluntary service accessible to people from 56 countries in the world. We accept volunteers from abroad, we send volunteers abroad to projects and institutions. Discussion on Volunteering with volunteers from Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, Romania and France is available here To all our volunteers who have helped us or are still helping belongs our many thanks!

I wish to be Centre 8D volunteer

I wish to be a volunteer in one of the EVS countries of the world

8D volunteers

Experience of 8D volunteers

8D again on TV!

On 31st May 2010 there was a party at Hybesova street and the benches were given to the city of Brno. They were designed and created by clients of IQ Roma servis in cooperation with 8D. Číst dále »

Go abroad with us!!!!!!!!!!

1034840_trampoline_tricksPokud máte zájem strávit několik měsíců v zahraničí a zažít jinou krajinu, kulturu, poznat spoustu nových lidí,   Číst dále »

Canada – discussion

Live broadcast record from discussion on Canada.

Photo exhibition and cultural recornition of Canada were prepared by our friend Petr Pospichal – Sodzi.

Projection with discussion was held on  19/01/2009.

We witnessed a story which was born of a big dream

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Kravi hora phenomenon

Kravi hora is really an interesting place.

Those highly interested in this place can have a look at the website kravihora.hvezdarna.cz – we consider them to be very well and nicely done.

We also recommend www.hvezdarna.cz

Reportage – 8D in Czech Radio

Here you can listen to a reportage of Hana Ondryasova from Czech Radio, which was broadcasted for example 15/11/2008.

Without planning during the recording there were several events and groups present so varios activites of our Centre were shown. In my opinion the reportage is very well done and makes a nice sound impression of Centre 8D. We would like to thank Ms. Ondryasova.

EVS in the radio!

Great chance to spend some time abroad in a local radio and broadcasting!

Projection from 8D travelers: Honduras + Egypt

25th october 2012 at 6 p.m. – red room – Adam, Richard, Alexandr + food + photos + inetersting story-telling. You are welcome!

News after summer holiday

Summer is almost gone but there are new actions approaching…

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Association FILIA

logo_ciste_cz10Within supplemental programmes for youngsters fron the association FILIA, there is a long-term cooperation with 8D o.s. . Clients of the association, accompanied by heir assistants, attend regularly creative and sport programmesprepared b ythe workers of Centre 8D.



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